High Quality Housing for Adults with or without Disabilities
High Quality Housing for Adults with or without Disabilities  


     Project Hope, Inc. began as an undergraduate research project wherein Dr. Hendricks identified an unmet need in the 53206 zip code.  She planned and implemented a summer enrichment program at the Church of the Living God, CWFF for children that provided tutoring and free hot meals during the summer of 2000 through the assistance of dedicated volunteers.  The rationale for this summer enrichment program was based on the results of a door to door survey wherein school aged children residing in the 53206 zip code lacked meals during the summer that they were provided during the school year via the free/reduced lunch programs in their schools.  The summer enrichment program was held at a church located in the 53206 zip code.  Students received tutoring from Springfield College’s undergraduate students.  They were also provided hot breakfast, a morning snack, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack through a partnership with the Social Development Commission (SDC).  This research project led this group to file for Articles of Incorporation from the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution in 2001.  Project Hope, Inc., was incorporated on April 24, 2001 as a not for profit, community based organization committed to improving the lives of needy families in Milwaukee, with the assistance of dedicated volunteers.  Project Hope’s vision was to provide educational programs and free meals to all participants’ regardless of race, creed, color, sex, age, disability or national origin. 

     As a result of diminishing human capital of volunteers, Project Hope Inc. was administratively dissolved in August 2013.  Motivated by a passion to resurrect Project Hope, Dr. Hendricks applied for reinstatement from the Department of Financial Institutions.  Project Hope, Inc, was awarded a certificate of reinstatement on April 28, 2014, pivoting to provide professional development to educators that serve students with diverse learning needs.  We provided professional development at public, private and charter schools toward the goal of equipping educators with knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to serve students with disabilities.  

     In 2015, Dr. Hendricks, parent of an adult son with multiple, severe disabilities, identified a pressing need within the most vunerable zip code areas of Milwaukee: least restrictive living options for adults with disabilities as an alternative to nursing home placement.  This led to the restructuring of Project Hope, Inc. toward the goal of establishing and operating 1-2 bed Adult Family Homes (AFH).  Under the leadership of Dr. Hendricks, Cheif Executive Officer, and Barbara Peterson, Chief Operations Officer, the ardious work of meeting federal and state requirements per the Wisconsin State Statutes and Department of Health services; seeking certification; applying to become a network provider; and, entering the market of health related services began.  Motivation House was established and certified in October 2015.  

     In 2016, Dr. Hendricks resigned to pursue yet another entrepreneurial venure, Dr. Shandowlyon, LLC, but continues to serve on the Board of Directors. Barbara Peterson was named Chief Executive Officer.  Under her leadership, Destiny House was established and certified in April 2016.  Ms. Peterson expanded Project Hope's services to include housing for the homeless or those at risk for becoming homeless through Single Room Occupancy (SRO) homes. Elijah Reaves joined Project Hope as Chief Operating Officer.  Under his leadership, housing options were expanded to include one bedroom apartment homes and Miracle House was established and certified in May 2020.  Project Hope, Inc. remains committed to improving the lives of Milwaukee residents, particularly those living in vunerable zip code areas.


Learn more about our CEO Emeritus, Dr. Hendricks' experience as the parent of a child with disabilities


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Current Vacancies:

Miracle House, a 1-2 bed certified adult family home has 1 vacancy.


At Home House, a single room occupancy home, has 2 vacancies for women.


Destiny House, a single room occupancy home, has 2 vacancies for men or women.





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